Peggy, saw the pix on ag direct...he's a looking good boy, nice picture......  His momma got her name when
she was born. Draw the Line had her on the edge of a creek in a big old nightime thunderstorm(she was 2
weeks early and I hadn't brought her into the mare lot)... I got out there about dawn, and there stood the new
blue filly standing in the creek..she couldn't get out on the mare's side cause the bank was too steep... so
shoved her under the fence, I carried her across the yearling field, up the drive and back to her mom. There
were many stops on the way ... I was covered in mud..the filly by that point was covered in mud too.  No telling
how long she stood in that creek (although Draw usually foaled right before dawn)... it was quite a morning. We
had started her under saddle, and was offered pretty good $$ for her as a padded horse, but I wanted to keep
her to breed. I sold her to a friend up in KY, he then sold her to Mattingly's... the Smith's still own her first
daughter by my Generator stud. Kinda wished I would have kept her to get a couple of foals out of her first
So there is a little history on your boy's mom.

Walk on Water and letter from Denise Rowland explaining how she got her name...  Thank
You Denise!

Thanks also to the Mattingly's for the picture of Water nursing DR Blue