This is my color consultant, when she
was a mere 89 years old: She had a
killing frost in her flower garden and
prayed that all her Iris would be yellow
when they started blooming!  She said,
I ask the Lord to make them all yellow,  
Pleeeaaase, in a soft voice.  She adds
that she thought it was very special
that he had the birds bring violet seeds
to the garden for contrast.  T
he Bed
contained mixed Iris the year
.  I asked her to pray all my
stallions colts be roans. They are and
UC Davis has certified him as the 1st
Homozygous Classic Tennessee
Walking Horse.  Granny is now 93 and
still helps me name colts always
including Dad's initials.  She continues
to start each day in the Bible.  She is
the first to say i
t is God that delivers
We need to ask with a
sincere heart and give him the glory!  
We know that you must start with 2
Classic  Roans that have gait,
temperament, intelligence ,  and the
conformation to stay sound, as well as
the roan gene to produce the classic
colts like Generator's DR Blue. God's
Blessings and Granny's Prayers are
the most important elements in this
This is one of Blue's colts, Amigo that
Granny has consulted on..