Threat's Rocket Lady

Rocket has the head shaking, ground
covering walk that every one needs to
enjoy a long ride in smooth comfort.  
She is  black, and a classic in every
sense of the word.  Pedigree includes:
Carbon Copy, Midnight Mack, Sun's
Delight, Triple Threat, Merry Go Boy x
2, Ebony's Masterpiece, Delite Double
Clutch, Go Boy's Rocket, Roger's
Perfection and Midnight Sun x 2
Rocket Lady's Colt

Rocket's first colt is pictured above.
When I found him in the stall I was so
relieved, I screamed, "PRAISE GOD!"  
Rock let out a little whinny.  
This Was
Generator's DR Blue's first colt.
This is
a great example of the difference
between the foal coat (October '06 and
when they shed April' O7.  At first there
are a few white hairs hidden on the
rump that multiply and are present by in
significant numbers  by 2 weeks.  Rock
was born as black as coal.
Threat's Rocket Lady's first
Colt, Rock
(7 Months)
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Dr's Blue Angel pictured at 1
is Blue and Rocket's second
DR's Blue Perfection 3 months old
Rockets's 4th colt
Meet Sapphire,, She is so sharp.  Her
owner sent us a picture of her being
led by her dog, see picture below.  
This is Sapphire in her winter coat