Confirmed for a 2013 foal!!
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Jose Jose Mare page
and see more about her
blood lines and past
Rocket is confirmed in foal for 2013
Shadow's Page
Shadow's first colt, Walker
Jose's Sweet P.
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Jose Jose Mare page All
4 sisters are featured
with colts  There you will
also find a maiden mare
due in 2013 that is
Sweet P's sister
Sweet P's 2012 Colt, Generoso Del
Cortijo, is sold and going to the
Dominican Republic.  

She is confirmed in foal for 2013
Midnight on Broadway
Broadway delivered a
hansome Stud colt that is
going to Moscow TN.  We are
going to breed her back in the
spring.  So that we can have
the fall off next year.
Broadway's Page
Copied in the Rain
She is 16.2 hands, and a new addition to our
herd.  What a mare!  Moves and acts perfect for
a trail mare  Old Blood- confirmed in foal to 2013
Rain is confirmed in foal for

Click on the link below if you want to see a full
size Picture  of her.  She is one big Mama, our
biggest mare by an inch.  She walks and Racks
and does so with great confidence.

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Rain is Confirmed in Foal for 2013
Memory' is confirmed in
foal for 2013
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Mares and foals out of DR
Her last foal, Rose, went to Montana in
this gang
Bonnie Blue
Button Push
Confirmed for a 2013 foal
Lady Trouble, her sire is Mind Games, who also
sired Game World
Lady T.'s first filly is below She is
for sale
For sale click here to see more pictures
Out of a
Click here for Faith's Page.  

Faith will be bred back in the spring of 2013 for a
2014 colt.  
Grace In Glory
Grace in Glory is a sister to Faith N
Glory.  She is our smallest mare at 15
hands. She is a sister to the mare above
on the Sire's side, we are hopeful her
cross is as successful as was Faith N
Confirmed for a 2013 foal
Click on Papers and see larger version of TWHBEA papers.  Most mares
also have a mare page that gives extra information about them and past
colts with DR Blue.
Confirmed in foal for 2013
I'm Made in America: Another exciting prospect out of Jose Jose and a WGC producing Dam Line
Meet Wine Me Dine Me a direct Poison mare with a strong Dam Line too.  She is confirmed for a 2013  
foal.  We are very excited to see what this sweet gal produces. Prides Jubilee, Delights Tramp, and Prides
Below is a video of our 2012 colts in the back field and also a video of the mares coming through the gate to feed
when the drought had impacted grazing in July.  We are so thankful to God for a great year and colts that we
wanted to share a peek in the back field and to show you what our summer was like.  You can see other videos on
the video link page.
Alternate Mare Page